She is My Best Friend

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Puisi

She is my best friend
She’s better than the rest
She makes all the better things better
And the better, best
She is always there for me
When I need her mostShe’s not high on herself
She doesn’t brag or boast
Sure, we both have problems
Similar in size
But we are there for each other
Just to sympathize
When everything goes wrong
And it seems like no one cares
She is always there
To wipe away the tears
I do my best to help her
I try with all my might
To make her world a better place
To make it all seem right
Each of us thanks the other
For all that we have done
And how just by being a friend
Life is much more fun

this poem dedicated for my bestfriends

 (you know who you are)…
thanx for being my friend and sister


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