Passenger of Titanic – 1912

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Titanic

The passengers on the Titanic have become as infamous as the sinking of the ship itself. While the tragic sinking would have no doubt been met with shock, the tragedy was manifested by large number of first class and notable Titanic passengers who perished in the ship’s disaster.

There were 2228 people on board of the Titanic, 337 in first class, 285 second class, 721 in third class and 885 crew members.

 passengers-on-the-titanic.jpg  Some Passenger takings a stroll

The infamous ship set sail on April 10, 1912 under the command of Captain John Smith. Facts about Captain John Smith, his life and his tragic death aboard the ship are often the subject of much debate and study. Many historians feel that the tragedy could have been avoided in it’s entirely had Captain Smith acted differently. Others aren’t so sure. Certainly a number of other factors contributed to the heavy loss of life, including the lack of life boats.

captain-smith.gif Captain J. Smith

Famous passengers on the Titanic included Molly Brown, wife of a Colorado silver mine entrepreneur, and John Jacob Astor. Molly Brown became famous in her own right for being the only woman to have rowed a lifeboat to safety.

Titanic survivor stories have given the world a wealth of information regarding what actually happened during the fateful last minutes of the ill fated luxury liner and the people in the Titanic. Diaries of the Titanic passengers have revealed the sinking of the infamous ship was a story rich in tragedy, triumph and despair,
sacrifice and selfishness.

molly-brown.jpg  Molly Brown

One of the most touching stories regarding the passengers on the Titanic is the tale of an elderly wealthy couple, the Straus’. When it became apparent that no male passengers on the Titanic could be allowed to board the limited lifeboats, Mrs. Straus chose to stay by the side of her husband; even though it meant certain death. The couple perished with the ship.

While the world is often taken with the stories of the famous passengers on the Titanic, there were also hundreds of second and third class passengers who also perished with the ship. These poor souls were at an unfortunate advantage due to the fact that ship did not
carry enough lifeboats for all the people in the Titanic!

straus.jpg Mr. and Mrs. Straus

How many people survived the Titanic is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the history of this legendary ship. Of the 2,227 passengers and crew members who set sail, only 705 Titanic passengers survived.



  1. Jessie & Kayleigh says:

    Kayleigh:I cant believe all that happened. I wish I had been there then I could have helped. When I grow up I am going to go down there and gather what artifacts I can.

    Jessie: I love to learn about the great Titanic. I wish I could have been there to gather some of the artifacts so I would have something to hold on to. I dont care how long its gone I will always remember it.

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