Last Photo of Titanic

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Titanic

litho07.jpg …. And Signed by a Titanic Passenger


This stunning photograph of Titanic is the last known snapshot of the ill-fated liner as she was leaving Queenstown. Snapped by a Titanic passenger, Jack Odell, a young boy who was on holiday with his family that got on board at Southampton and disembarked in Queenstown, Ireland, Titanic’s last port of call. This image was taken while they were on the tender heading back to Queenstown (now Cobh).

Not only is this image the last known picture taken of Titanic but also is signed by Jack Odell, the person who was on board the ship and snapped the photo when he left. A magnificent and amazing collectible. This is not a printed autograph. Each print was signed by hand by the late Mr. Jack Odell. Mr Odell signed these prints especially for the Titanic Historical Society and they were offered for sale for the first time at the Society’s convention in Boston in 1992.



  1. david bauman says:

    The description relating to the photographer resonsible for this photo is INCORRECT. The photo was not taken by Jack Odell, but his COUSIN, Kate ODell.

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