Twin Hearts

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Book Reading

Aku baru je berjinak-jinak nak bacer buku citer ni .. buku ni pon aku beli jualan lambak (2nd hand book) kat Taipan, Senawang. Erm buku ni aku pilih dan beli sebab nipis (ekekek) dan ditambah oleh promoter jual buku ni kater citer ni bes. so aku beli la ..   aku  lom bacer bebetul … baru bacer sambil lalu je ni …



A novelization of four exciting episodes of the hit TV series!


Elizabeth’s been in a motorcycle accident! Now she’s in a coma, and the doctors aren’t sure she’ll live. Can Jessica survive without her twin?What, me study?

Jessica Wakefield kicked off the cheerleading squad? That’s what will happen if Jessica gets caught cheating on a science test!The Curse Of Lawrence Manson

In Sweet Valley High haunted? It’s Halloween, and the gang is hanging out at school late at night with a terrifying visitor!

The Prince Of Santa Dora

Jessica’s in love with a prince! Watch out. Sweet Valley, here comes Princess Jessica

About Francine Pascal
Francine Pascal is the international best-selling author of Sweet Valley High. She currently has sold over 260 million books.Francine Pascal has also written magazine articles, TV scripts, and a Broadway musical.

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